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This website is for sale

247oaks.co.uk has been running for 7 years and has grown from strength to strength over that time. We have run it as a non-profit community site and have worked on building up the number of listings.

Unfortunately it has alway been a hobby for us and we have been able to spend less and less time on it as real life has demanded more and more from us. Now it has come to the point where one partner has moved abroad and the other is having medical problems so now seems like a good time to let it go. Our hope is that the site can find a good home where it will receive the time that is deserves.

The site has:

  • 1233 listings in its database across 154 categories.
  • 7 years of presence on the internet (and within the listings of major search engines)
  • Social Networing presence on both Twitter and Facebook

The site comes fully hosted along with the listings database and some promotional materials. At this point we are looking for offers.

If you would like any further information about the site or the sale please Contact Us.

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Looking for more clubs, societies and community groups

We’re looking to expand the number of listings for local Clubs, Societies, Associations and Groups.

This includes all non-commercial groups from sports teams and clubs through to knitting circles, church groups and allotment associations.

Get your Free Listing »

Listings are free and allow you to publish the name of your group, a short description/tagline and any of the following forms of contact information that you would like to make available to the general public: phone number, fax number, address, website and email address.

247oaks is committed to supporting the local community so if you have any problems with the site, have any suggestions or would like our assistance in any way please feel free to contact us: info@247oaks.co.uk.

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We Want Your Feedback

We are currently in the process of updating 247oaks and making it even better.

To do that we need your help. 247oaks is a web directory for the Sevenoaks community. It is designed to be useful both to businesses, groups and individuals looking to promote themselves and to local people trying to find information.

We’re listening

To that end we would like to know what you like and what you don’t like about 247oaks. What could we do to make it better?

Just leave a message in the comments below or use our Contact Us page.

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When will it be too late to Save Sevenoaks?

Sevenoaks High Street Walking down the High Street can be quite a depressing experience these days. Surrounded by empty shops and To Let signs for office space it is clear that something isn’t right.

The price of shop and office rents has remained high despite the current economic crisis, a global switch to online shopping and the availability of more desirable premises in the Blighs shopping development. Add to that the ever increasing cost of parking in the town and we’re soon going to get to a point where people don’t bother coming into town at all.

This is my worry. I believe that there is going to be a time in the near future where too many shops have closed and new ones will be unwilling to open due to the lack of trade in Sevenoaks. Who wants to be the only shop in a row of empty buildings?

The District Council has admitted that they use parking charges as a revenue collecting device rather than a means of covering the cost of providing an essential community service. However, if they have a target of how much money they need to raise from parking then they will have to keep on increasing charges to allow for the shortfall in visitors. This will create a never ending cycle which will see charges spiral out of all reasonableness and a total collapse of visitor numbers.

It’s not just about parking

There is more to this than parking charges and even shop rents. I believe that we need to get together as a community and search for solutions to this problem. I have a few ideas but I’d like to hear what others have to say. If you would like to get involved with saving our town then Contact Us.

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Is Google Your Friend?

Many of us rely on search traffic from Google to our websites but, as a small business, are they really our friend?

The short answer to this is no. It’s not that Google wishes us any ill will, it’s more that the way they work doesn’t favour small local businesses. So what can you do about it?

Search engines (like Google) have to use use some pretty arbitrary methods to decide how to rank websites. It costs too much to have humans review every site and computers can’t ‘understand’ what they’re reading to fully gauge the relevance of a site. As a result search engines have to use the number of links to a site and social media mentions to gauge the ‘popularity’ of a website and from there assume that it is relevant.

They use a lot of complicated methods in their algorithm to rank websites but it is never going to produce 100% accurate results. Google favours ‘fresh’ content so sites that are able to add new content on a daily basis will win out over those that don’t regardless of the quality of the information. It is rarely practical for small business owners to spend all their time updating their website and often there is nothing new they can add. Website owners can use SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve their rankings but that just means that you have to spend more money to get higher.

It is not a level playing ground and you can see this in the search results. Searching locally often produces results for national companies over local ones. Large national directories tend to outrank sites for individual businesses.

Now, the real reason Google is not your friend is that it is not in their best interest to fix this situation. They make their money by selling advertising space. The more frustrated local businesses get the more likely they are to spend money on Google Adwords campaigns to get the exposure they need.

What’s the solution?

Don’t assume that all you have to do is have a website and people will find it via Google and the other engines. They won’t – the deck is stacked against you!

Take advantage of local directories – like 247oaks – who, by having a lot of local information in one place, rank higher than you can. Also they will tend to produce traffic to your site that isn’t reliant on the search engines at all.

Find other local places to mention your website. Local news and press release sites will both allow you to spread the word to real people as well as let you publish your website address to help your search engine visibility.

Finally, don’t forget to claim your Google Places listing. These are special local listings and allow you to add maps, photos, business details and a link to your website. It’s free and appears alongside normal search engine results.

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Adding Services for Local Businesses

It’s easy to mock the Government (often fun too!) or complain about their inability to do anything useful but we often forget the services that are around from administration to administration that are there to help us out.

A good example is Business Link. This is a government service that provides advice to businesses of all size. It is especially useful for small businesses who cannot afford to pay for expensive consultants or to have experts on staff.

I recently had to check on the details of the new EU regulations on cookies for websites and they were massively helpful. Whilst was there I came across all sorts of useful stuff from example Terms and Conditions documents and contracts to help on how to grow your own business.

They even have a number of directories that can help you to find Events, Training, Contacts and more.

Any more for any more?

If you have any recommendations of services for local businesses that we should list please Contact Us.

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We’re looking for Sponsorship Opportunities

Here at 247oaks we’re looking to spread the word about our Internet Directory for Sevenoaks to as many people as we can, locally.

To do that we are looking to sponsor arts groups, sports teams, community groups or other similar endeavours.

We are able to offer small amounts (under £100) to groups that are looking to cover the costs of their activities. Examples would include paying for adverts in programmes for plays and concerts or paying towards the cost of kit and equipment for a sports team.

All that we need in return is some visible display of our Logo and information. This might be an advert in a printed programme, an advert on your website, our logo on your shirts or putting up posters or banners at your events/games.

If you are interested please contact us for more information.

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FREE listing upgrades!

We would like to spread the word about 247oaks to more people. The more people who know about it and use it the more effective your listing will become.

We’d like your help

In exchange for your help we are more than happy to upgrade your standard listing for FREE. Just mention us (favourably please) on any Social Network and we will give you a Bold listing at no cost (usually £20). Just send us an email with a link to your post and the name of your listing.

There’s more!

If you have a prominent location and are willing to display a poster promoting 247oaks then we will give you a front page slot for nothing! This is normally £99 and will be seen by everyone who visits the site so is a real bargain!

Space is limited so contact us quickly to arrange it.

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Get started on the web for only £99

The people who host our website are offering a special offer for a limited time only.

A complete WordPress Website/Blog for only £99

So it’s a great time to get your business on the Web without it costing you a fortune.

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Why Get Listed on 247oaks?

If you were wondering why you should get yourself listed on our directory I have a few answers for you. Bear in mind that a listing is FREE.

We’re different

There are lots of directories out there. There are the big ones that cover the whole country as well as the small local ones. The thing most of them have in common is they want money. Either your money in exchange for a listing or advertising revenue from visitors clicking on adverts alongside the listings.

These directories play the numbers game. Keep their costs low and attempt to get the maximum number of advertisers and visitors through the doors. They don’t have the time to think about quality or the needs of their users.

247oaks is different because we are only interested in the Sevenoaks area. We are local people and we want to provide a great resource for both those people searching for things and the businesses etc. that want to be found.

Everything is geared to providing a great service and we’re always eager to hear your opinions on how we could make it better. Just contact us.

We make it easy for people to find/contact you

If you run a business, provide a service, are a club, a society, a church or anything else you need people to know who you are, where you are and how they can get in contact with you.

By being listed on our directory people in Sevenoaks will be able to do that. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a website or other presence on the Internet. If you do have a website we provide you with another link to it which will help you in the search engines.

Need some more convincing or have a question?

Just contact us, we’re here to help!

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Covering the areas of:

Sevenoaks, Riverhead, Chipstead, Chevening, Dunton Green, Bessels Green, Bat and Ball, Seal, Otford, Kemsing, Heaverham, Shoreham, Eynsford, Stone Street, Godden Green, Bitchet Green, Seal St. Lawrence, Ightham, Borough Green, Swanley, Brasted, Sundridge, Westerham, Underriver, Weald, Goathurst Common, Ide Hill, Edenbridge, Leigh, Penshurst, West Kingsdown, Chiddingstone